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 Bugs can be reported on [[https://​​ClayDowling/​StopForumSpam/​issues|GitHub]]. ​ Bugs can be reported on [[https://​​ClayDowling/​StopForumSpam/​issues|GitHub]]. ​
-For a summary of activity, you might also check out the product'​s [[https://​​ClayDowling/​StopForumSpam/​pulse|Pulse Page]] on GitHub.+     ​{{ghissues ​ClayDowling/​StopForumSpam ​label:bug}}
-{{ghissues ClayDowling/​StopForumSpam label:bug}}+ 
 +===== Feature Requests ===== 
 +Feature requests can be reported at [[https://​​ClayDowling/​StopForumSpam/​issues|GitHub]]. ​ Existing feature requests are below: 
 +     {{ghissues ClayDowling/​StopForumSpam label:enhancement}}
 ===== Download the Latest ===== ===== Download the Latest =====
 {{:​|2015-08-24 Release}} {{:​|2015-08-24 Release}}
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